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My career in puppetry started at the age of 17 when, with two friends, we formed the ‘Anglo-Hellenic Puppet Company’ and toured around the Greek Islands, performing ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ in French, Greek and English. Next, I designed and made a mobile ‘walkabout’ puppet booth, in the style of Far-Eastern medieval puppeteers and walked around Northern France with a pram full of puppets performing ‘Beauty and the Junk Food Beast’. 

As a student of the London School of Puppetry I created another ‘walkabout’ performance which animated the medieval painting by Jan van Eyck called ‘The Marriage of Giovanni Arnolfini' which I performed outside The National Gallery in London. 

I was then commissioned to make a set of Punch and Judy puppets for the world's youngest Punch and Judy showman, and this led to my work with Horse and Bamboo Theatre.

Other puppetry commissions have included designing an eight part TV puppet series co production between Yorkshire Television and Ostankina TV Moscow, some puppet making on the award-winning Shockheaded Peter, and many puppets designed and made for Dynamic New Animation.

Image on right: 'Stray Tom Cat' for Charlotte's Web

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